Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.....

First of all, thank you, everyone, for all of your support. Dad read the comments, and they are really appreciated!

The residents of Britknitterville woke up to more snow this morning. Ugh. Enough already!!! Yeah, it's pretty, but I refuse to take any more picture of the nasty white stuff. The good part about it is that work is closed until noon today. Yay! So, in between laundry and paperwork and scratching bellies, I am finally getting in another blog post.

Do you remember my little house at Fortescue? Well, not really MY house, but I consider it mine.


Hopefully some day, but more on that another time... Anyway, the little town of Fortescue has been in the news lately. This article on the feral cat colonies at Fortescue was in yesterday's paper. How can some of those people be so unfeeling? These cats are not hurting anyone. In fact, they are keeping down the rodent population on the island. Sheesh!

Here are some photos of the cats. We go down and feed them at least once a week. Aren't they beautiful?


The blue tubs are cat shelters. They are a tub within a tub, stuffed with insulation in between, and the "porthole" allows access for the cats while keeping the inner tub (stuffed with straw and blankets) nice and cozy.

Here is a recent photo of dad working on one of the tubs for the cats! Who knew he was a cat lover?

Tara says those cat shelters may be cozy, but she'll stick with her big doggy bed.


Channon said...

Honestly, if we didn't have coyotes and of late, unrestrained dogs showing up MY yard, I'd consider an outdoor shelter cat or two, just to keep away the critters...

I guess some people are just never happy?

Nichole said...

Glad to hear your Dad is in good spirits! :) Attitude sure does count for alot agains the awful C word!
The cats are beautiful....

margo said...

I can see where you got your kind and gentle nature.
Your Dad is a treasure!

Donna Lee said...

Hi Dad! Glad to hear you're up and about.

I'm over the snow, too. And I like snow! I've just had enough. we've gone through almost 100 pounds of snow melt this year and I don't want to buy any more.

Sue said...

You're a good lady. The cats are lovely and the little kitty shelters sound like a great idea. I'm sure they're appreciated.

Give those pups a scratch from me.

Jennifer said...

I can't believe people would go out of their way to vandalize or shoot down others who are VOLUNTEERING (thus costing the opponents NOTHING out of their pocket).

I bet you none of them knit.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is the best and that pic of Tara is priceless.