Monday, August 30, 2010

Knitting Content!

It's been a loooooong time since I published any knitting content on the blog. I scrolled back looking for anything knitting related, and the blog is all dogs, dogs, dogs. Humans and geese are interspersed here and there, but it's mostly dogs. No apologies for all-dogs-all-the-time, but knitting content is long overdue.

So, what have I been knitting? Socks. 95% of my knitting is socks. Pretty boring, I admit, so I'm lumping all of the socks that I finished over the weekend into one photo.

Nine pair! Count 'em...nine pair! Of course, when I say I "finished" them over the weekend, it just means I finally got around to tackling the basket where I throw all of the socks that are done except for the weaving in of all of the loose ends. Can you tell that weaving ends is not my favorite part of sock knitting? Detailed information will be on my projects page on Ravelry in the near future, for all who care.

So, if 95% of my knitting has been socks, what about the other 5%? Over the winter I worked on Wendy Johnson's Order to Chaos Shawl. Big project. Scary-big for someone who has never attempted a lace project that large, but I kept plugging along, and I am so happy with the results. The most fun had to be the blocking. OK, it was a tiny bit tedious, but what a transformation! Here is a shot of it before pinning:

And here is a shot after pinning!

What a difference, right? I should have included tape measures in the photos, 'cause this sucker is huge! Here a detail shot of the center. That neat little hole in the center makes me so happy!
Detail shot of the edging. So cool!
Here is a shot of it draped over a bench at work.

I did the blocking on the floor of the museum. I spread a tablecloth out over the carpet, dampened the shawl, and stretched and pinned the heck out of that sucker. I left it like that for a few days. This was when we were closed to visitors, of course. Although I guess I could have just put up barriers and labeled the whole thing as an art installation... Just a thought...

I know some of you might be wondering why I didn't do the blocking at home. Well, there are three certain somebodies at home who would LOVE to be helpers in blocking a lace shawl, but that kind of help I don't need. I can just picture these little hooligans walking all over the lace, digging at the knitting, eating the pins...horrors! I certainly wouldn't point fingers or name names, you understand...

Emma, Tara, Cooper

Then again, maybe I would.


Kristyn said...

The shawl is gorgeous!

Wyatt said...

Oh, what beautiful socks! Never boring...but the dogs are pretty cute too!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Sue said...

That shawl is gorgeous. You did such a beautiful job on it and I love the color, too.

If your kids are like mine, they love nothing more than sleeping on my knitting. Wise move to do the blocking at a remote location.

Pooch said...

How nice to see your beautiful knitting! I see three very willing assistants there. Are you absolutely certain that you don't want their help? Really?


Donna Lee said...

Blocking has to be done in a room with a closed door in my house. My cat loves warm wet wool. Must smell like sheep to him.
The shawl is beautiful. Most of my knitting is socks, too. I think because they're portable and don't take too long and sock yarn is soooo pretty.

Channon said...

I love that shawl, and I'm jealous that your sock mojo hasn't up and left you.

I block behind a closed guest room door...

Nichole said...

Holy socks batman! 9 pair? NICE! Are they all for your much deserving feet?
LOVE that shawl... LOVE. I hope that's for you!
Love that last pic. ;)

knittingitout said...

That shawl is GORGEOUS! And look at those socks, look at them. Glorious. I still haven't used my Philly yarn...hmmm.

knittingitout said...

That shawl is GORGEOUS! And look at those socks, look at them. Glorious. I still haven't used my Philly yarn...hmmm.

Jennifer said...

The socks are great- it must feel good to have such an addition to your sock drawer! I keep trying to throw out my socks with holes each time I finish a pair...but I can't knit that fast!
ps- the shawl is gorgeous! Is that ring of color an effect of the photo or is the yarn actually like that? It's stunning!