Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dogs on Thursday

It's me, Emma, taking over this week's Dogs on Thursday. I like to think that I'm as tolerant as the next dog, but these stray cats around here are getting my knickers in a twist! It's one thing for them to hang around OUTSIDE of the fenced-in yard, but when they venture INTO the yard, that's another thing altogether. Take a look at what we saw this morning:


Mom took that picture of me (in the middle) with Cooper and Tara. Outside on the ramp to our you see what that is??? A cat! An evil cat!

I begged mom to let us out into the back yard so we could teach that evil cat a lesson. She refused! She let us out into the side yard, but there was a stupid fence between us and the evil cat.

Wait a minute... Look a little closer... There are TWO evil cats on the ramp!

Mom calls the gray one Lizzie and the black one Joanie. I call them both evil. Mom says we have to be good to the strays because they're hungry and have no place else to go. I've got news for her... I can tell them where to go!


Donna Lee said...

Poor Emma. It must be hard to see the evil cats on your turf. I'm quite sure you could show them a thing or two.

I have owned a cat who would chase dogs. He was small but very fierce

Channon said...

Hahahaha! Emma, Mugsy and Fred will be working their paws from the other side of the bridge to try to grant your wish...

Nichole said...

LOL Emma... I'm sorry you have to deal with such evilness and in your OWN backyard of all places! I hope that you can learn to get along..... =)

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma, you must learn to share...that picture of the evil kitties is awfully cute.