Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm still alive...

I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog post. It's been since July? How can that be? I haven't even read anyone else's blog in weeks. I am so behind! In my last post I said I ...have lots of excuses... and ...just need to get my act together. Clearly, that did not happen. This has been a month of ups and downs.

roller coaster

Seriously, totally, incredibly high "ups". But you know what they say... "What goes up must come down," and boy did I come down. So here is the question, is it worth it? Who can say? More on that later.

Where to begin? Everyone knows I have been yearning to buy a house in Fortescue. You remember... this tiny, totally adorable, impractical one:


Well, on one of my weekly "visits" to the house, which I of course refer to as "my house", we found this house:

Louisiana Ave, Fortescue

It's not so tiny, with 3 bedrooms and a bath and a half. As an added bonus, you can actually fit a double size bed in two of the bedrooms, unlike "MY" house where you can just (barely) fit a twin bed. This not-so-tiny house also happens to be for sale, but as an added bonus it is also available for rent. I have come to the realization that the only way I will ever live in Fortescue is on a rental basis, since the only house I can afford to buy looks something like this:


Anyway, we got permission for the dogs to stay at the rental house, and just like that, we were going on vacation! Even though it was only about 30 minutes from home, this was the first time since 1997 that we planned a week's vacation, so it totally counts as a bona fide vacation.

As it turns out, the dogs are much happier in their own fenced-in-yard. Especially Emma. She views the leash as a punishment. Here is a shot of the babes on the beach at Fortescue.


The dog clinging to my sister's leg? That's Emma. She is never on a leash unless she's going to the Vet, and nothing could convince her that being on a leash on the beach was supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Most nights we just stayed at home and then drove to Fortescue during the day. It was great to have the house to store the boat and kayaks so we didn't have to trailer them back and forth each day.

So back to the ups and downs.... One day last August, I answered the phone at work, and had the shock of my life--it was a really great guy who I last saw the day before he left to join the army in 1987. He found me thanks to the museum's website. (God Bless the Internet!)

The seriously high "up" is that he flew to New Jersey and spent 5 days here.

The seriously low "down" is that he left to go back home.


Sue said...

I was just about to email you and see if you were OK. Glad to hear from you.

The house looks cute and being near the beach would be heavenly.

Where is back home? Is it close enough to see each other, or is a long distance romance?

Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Missed you!!! I want to know what Sue wants to far away is this fella?!

Channon said...

That photo of the dogs makes me giggle. Emma is just this side of miserable, and that's not really funny, but since I know you and your sister take GREAT care of them all... I indulged in a chuckle. ;)

I don't care how far away the fella' is unless he lives near me and I can "demand" a visit along the way. I'm just happy for you and have my fingers crossed... especially if he lives near me and is independently wealthy, loves dogs... :D

Nichole said...

Welcome back... we've missed you greatly!!! :)

Pooch said...

Such a hectic time for you! Are you feeling like Emma after the ups, downs, and loop-de-loops? Hope everything comes together just the way you want them!


Donna Lee said...

I was looking for the email so I could check up on you. I'm glad you're doing well (sounds like really well).

So, how far is "home"? And is he coming back or can you visit?

(and is he cute?) Inquiring minds.....

Jennifer said...

Wow! What a recap! First the house vacation, then the blast from the past! How flattering, not just the visit but that he looked you up and came to see you! Any chances you'll see him again?