Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dogs (and Chickens) on Thursday

Cooper here!
Cooper head only
I'll be your host for this week's Dogs on Thursday. For the second week in a row, we have been invaded by evil pests just in time for the DOT post. Last week it was evil cats, this week it is evil CHICKENS!
Momma calls them Spartacus (for the bad-boy rooster) and Hanna and her Sisters. She can't tell the hens apart, so they're all either Hanna or Sister.

These pesky strays are always hanging around. Momma isn't sure where they live, but the certainly like to visit us. They eat the birdseed out of the bird feeders, and the cat food right off of the cat's plates. Guess what their favorite flavor is... Chicken! Stupid cannibals...

But I digress. This morning, Spartacus came right up to the fence and started pecking at us through the gate! The nerve of that feathery beast! Doesn't he know that Brittanys are bird dogs?
We had no choice but to teach that bird brain a lesson! That's me there, on the left, with Tara and Emma. I figured I should hang back and let the girls take the lead.
Eventually Tara got bored, but Emma was nose to nose with that evil bird. Again, I was a strong back-up.

Yeah, that's right... Get on outta' here, you flea bitten bag of feathers.

Run away, just like the chickens you are!
My work here is done!


Nichole said...

What a tough work day you had Copper... you get some beauty rest now! :)

Sue said...

It's a good thing you guys are on duty. Imagine what those brazen birds would do if they got into your yard.

Be careful, Bentley was chased by a goose once. I think it scarred him for life.

Wyatt said...

Good job at holding down the fort!
Those chickens really are bird brains. Next time, tell them you have a good recipe for chicken BBQ!


Anonymous said...

Cooper - you and your mama always make me laugh. Thanks! Gracie & her mama.

Channon said...

Oh, I miss having a rooster! He's a beauty...

Sorry they're torturing you though, Cooper. We have some chickens on the other end of our road that don't have the good sense to stay in their yard and it annoys me too!

Bridget said...

Wow, you guys really showed them!

margo said...

Go get 'em Coop!