Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a New Mom!

Well, technically, I'm just chick-sitting for family members who are on vacation this week, but I'm choosing to ignore that fact right now. Just look at these little sweeties!

Three Rhode Island Reds and three Buff Orpingtons. You might ask how they are getting along with Emma, Tara and Cooper, since Brittanys are bird dogs, but the dogs are choosing to ignore the fact that there are chickens in the bathroom. I'm not taking any chances on the bathroom door being ripped from its hinges while I'm at work, so guess who is coming to work with their new mommy. Of course, every morning on the way to work I stop at mom and dad's house, so the chickies came along and met their new cousin, Bessie.

I took some video of Bessie's first encounter with her cousins:
Then it was off to work, and I found a perfect little spot for the new chickies in a corner of the library.
Yup, they're working girls! Look how nicely they are settling in.

Hey, who is that extra chicken in there? It's Babs! The wonderful and quirky Babs from the movie Chicken Run! Haven't seen the movie? Rent it today! It's fabulous!!! I leave you with a final video of the chickies meeting their new friend Babs. Enjoy!


Steph said...

So cute! I love baby chicks!

Sue said...

That is so cute with them getting to know Babs. My ducklings were so adorable at that stage when they're all round and fluffy. Have fun, Mommie.

Channon said...

Oh, how I miss having chickens and thus, chicks around!!

margo said...

I love peeps. I miss my chick chicks :-(

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Cute!!

There's almost nothing sweeter than a fluffy little chick - except a whole bunch of fluffy little chicks :) Thanks for sharing your photos.

Criquette said...

Ok, after seeing the chickies meet Babs video, I strongly suspect we are actually twins who were separated at birth! I would soooo do something like take chickies to work and then give them red wagons and plastic chickens to play with, talking to them all the while.

And please tell your parents that Bessie is one of the most adorable, precious and smart kitties I know, almost as precious as my you-know-who!