Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogless Dogs on Thursday

No new pictures of the fur babies, but I didn't want to let Dogs on Thursday go by without posting pictures of creatures of some kind. Fur, feathers, it's all good, right?

I came across these pictures while uploading some pictures of paperweights from my camera. (No, I'm not a paperweight collector - I had to take some images of them for work.) Anyway, this past week we had an early morning visitor to the museum. The museum's courtyard, to be more specific - just like the visitor we had a few months ago.

This guy hung around for a while, trying to work up the courage to fly back over the walls of the courtyard. He figured he might get a better head start from the top of the sculpture in the water fountain.

I think he looks great up there!
He eventually mustered the courage to fly the coop, so to speak. Bye, Mr. Goosie! Thanks for stopping by to brighten up our morning, even though you did poo on the sculpture.


Sue said...

He makes a nice topper for the fountain.

Criquette said...

Heehee! I love the goose on top of the umbrella! it wants to be a piece of art!

Channon said...

I love it! He's very dapper-looking atop the umbrella. (Well, no... he's silly, but that might hurt his feelings, and he needs confidence to soar, right?)

silfert said...

Hah! Geese DO have a sense of humor!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! He actually looks a bit embarrassed, if that's possible for a goose...;)

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

Of COURSE he pooped on the sculpture. But...that's what rain is for ;)