Thursday, June 5, 2008

Turtle Hunters Dogs on Thursday

This was a big week for turtles in BritKnitter-ville. First my two Turtle Hunters found something interesting on the other side of the fence.
Yep. A turtle. I wasn't going to crawl through the brush & weeds & such to get paint a nail-polish number on his back, so you'll have to trust me that he is number 3. Actually, the reason I'm doing the numbers is to see if they come back again. Before the nail polish wears off, that is. This guy was pretty distinctive, so I think I would know even without a number. I call him "Ol' Yeller".
I have never seen more yellow on a turtle in my life. Maybe someone already got to him before me and painted him with acrylics?
Last night, Tara was digging in the dirt (not unusual) and started barking at it (very unusual). She found this little guy:Yep, another turtle. I didn't want to paint a number on him, either. He is soooo tiny, plus it was raining... But this guy is number 4. For scale, here he is next to Joanie while she is eating her supper. Have I written about Joanie? No, but that's a story for another post.
Tiny Tim the Turtle was set free in a soft mulchy spot, with some strawberries as a little surprise for when he gets brave enough to stick his head out of his shell.
Now this next turtle wasn't in the yard, so I'm not adding him to the number count, but he is the biggest snapper turtle I have ever seen, so I just had to get some pictures of him.
We saw him about three feet into the road, trying to get across. He was big, and boy was he mean! Luckily this nice guy stopped to help. He covered the turtle with a t-shirt so he wouldn't be afraid...or so he wouldn't be able to bite any fingers off, more likely.
That was one unhappy snapper turtle. Did you know turtles can hiss? They can jump, too. We had quite a few cars stopped in both directions, but hey, turtles need love, too. Even ones that would bite your toes off quicker that you can say "lickety-split".
Oh, and about that boy dog from yesterday? I am not considering adopting him. Things are very peaceful with just Emma and Tara right now. Both girls are happy and healthy, and a new dog would really shake things up, don't you think? Especially a boy dog. No more dogs. No way.
But just in case, last night I faxed an adoption application to the shelter.

Update @ 9:15 AM
I heard from the shelter that the boy dog was saved by a local rescue group. What a relief! Of course, he may just be going to a foster home, and still be available for adoption... Not that I'm ready for another dog. Not at all. Emma and Tara are enough to handle. No more dogs.

But just in case, I emailed the shelter and asked for the contact information of the rescue that saved the boy dog. How do you like the name Edward? Mr. Darcy? Bingley?


Channon said...

Ha! I like Bingley...

Nichole said...

I like Bingley.....

Donna Lee said...

No, of course not, no more dogs. Bingley is a good one. And what a lot of turtles! We used to see more of them when we were kids but I guess development has killed them off.

silfert said...

Perhaps Sydney, if he's an Aussie mix? And oh, my, yes! Turtles can hiss like geese if they think you need a warning.

Sonya said...

My kids loved seeing all the turtle pictures. Oh yes, I have heard a snapper hiss. And turtles are a lot faster than perceived to be.

I think the girls need a boy to boss around ;)

Firefly Nights said...

You sure have a lot of turtles in your area. I don't know if I've ever seen one in my yard. Sweet of you to leave strawberries for the little fellow.

Sue said...

My husband always stops to help turtles crossing the street. He's brought several home to release them in the woods. Not only do they hiss, but they pee on you, too.