Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Dogs (from Atlanta) on Thursday

Well, I heard from Atlanta Pet Rescue, and they do not do out-of-state adoptions. Maybe they would have made an exception if I were a little closer to Georgia, but New Jersey is, I don't know... a whole bunch of states away. It looks like I won't have to worry about what to name little Mr. Darcy/Bingley/Rhett/Gable. As my Swap Pal said in the comments, I guess I'll have to think of his as my own Thomas Lefroy. That's it, I'll call him Tom.

Anyway, here is a picture of little Tom at Atlanta Pet Rescue, a no-kill shelter. I called there for permission to use his picture in the blog, and they said he is happy and healthy and running around with the other dogs. Of course I made a fool of myself by crying on the phone, so maybe that is why they were going on and on about how happy he is and how well he is getting along with his buddies. The poor girl who answered the phone was so kind and reassuring. She said it's not like a typical shelter there, it's more like a doggy day care, and that he is doing great and is very happy. She must have felt like talking to me was like talking a jumper down from a ledge.
So, if anyone out there lives in Georgia, and would like to give a loving home to a sweet boy, little Tom is available. Just click on this page and scroll down until you see his picture. They're calling him "Murray" but clearly he is much more "Tom"-like.

Back to my girls, now. Emma and Tara had a Day of Beauty this week. With the infernal heat and humidity here in New Jersey, and the fact that the central air is still broken [pant, pant, pant] they shed (or more accurately were clipped from) their winter coats. Here is a "before" picture from April:

And here is what was cut off:
I weighed it, and it is 130 grams...more than enough for a pair of socks! No, I won't be spinning their hair into yarn. I'm not that good spinning with wool, let alone dog hair.

Here is the lovely Tara sporting her new look:

And here is the lovely Emma:

Why won't she turn around and look at me so I can get a proper picture? Because she is fixated on this:
Joanie-the-Stray-Cat. Do you know how hard it is to get Emma inside when there is a cat in the garden? HARD! I usually have to take the "leash of shame" outside and threaten her with it show it to her.

More on Joanie another day. For now, I have to get ready to go to work. Happy Dogs on Thursday, everyone.


Nichole said...

Are you going to send the hair out to be spun for you??? I'm saving Zeus' for just that...

Stephanie said...

Is there anyway to find a local Britnay rescue that can adopt him for you and then arrange for a chain of members to drive him out to you? I know lots of rescue groups do that all the time.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

You are KILLING me with these stories!! He is so darn adorable I'm going to call and cry on the phone to them.

I really like the graphic on their website btw.

I like Stephanie's idea...

Channon said...

The girls look so happy with their new cuts!

Donna Lee said...

"Leash of shame"? That's great. I think as cute as Tom is, someone will snap him up pretty quick. Your girls look good with their summer cuts!