Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nothin' but Knittin'

It has been so long since I posted anything knitting-related on this blog, I decided to dedicate the whole post to knitting.

Here is a pair of recently finished socks made from Trekking:

And another pair of socks made from Sirdar Town & Country:
And a Clapotis made for a co-worker's birthday:

She's a purple person. This is made from Knit Picks Gossamer in "Sweet Pea". I knit this double-stranded, and love how the colors pooled. Here's a close-up.

OK, that's it. Nothing today about Emma and Tara... or the boy dog that is in a shelter in Georgia that my niece Jen emailed me about... the one that Jen (thanks-a-whole-heck-of-a-lot) sent a picture of that looks a little like Tara... the one that is a Cocker-Aussie mix... did I mention he is a boy?... did I mention I've never had a boy dog? Nope, I'm not even going to think about him. He is out of the question.

Oh, by the way, I just sent an email to the shelter...


Donna Lee said...

Oh no, we're not thinking about another dog, are we? Of course not. It's hard to say no. I stay out of shelters because I am that way with cats. I keep asking myself "How much trouble would one more be?" Thankfully, we have a limit on the number of the animals we are allowed to own.

Anonymous said...

So when's he coming?

Your Multitasking spoiler

Channon said...

Socks and Clappy are lovely.

Is he yours yet?

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Oh dear, I do know that feeling of needing to rescue another one :)

I love that Clapotis. LOVE it!! How much of the yarn did you use? I am thinking about doing something similar and I can't estimate yardage to save my life.