Sunday, December 23, 2007

Surprise Package!

I came home from work yesterday (yes, I had to work on a Saturday - the Saturday before Christmas, even) and found this package from Nichole. How very thoughtful!

That is a brittany keyring with doggie charms on it, a couple of magnets, some book marks, and a card. Here is a close-up of the keyring. It's a brittany!
How could Nichole have known that I would be in desperate need of just such a pick-me-up? Did she know I had to work on a Saturday? Did she know the heater in the basement kept me awake last night, banging and groaning all night long? Did she know that I would wake up (after a very little bit of sleep) to a cold house with no hot water? Did she know the heater guy (who came right out to the house, bless him) said it's probably a cracked thing-a-ma-jiggy or a faulty wacha-ma-callit, and that he would replace a couple of valves and re-route some pipes, but to watch the heater for further problems, because it might need replacing? The whole thing. The whole friggin' system.

Enough of that...must think happy thoughts. How about a picture? Yes, that's the ticket. This is a shot of Emma playing "Princess and the Pea".

That pile of dog beds is normally in the corner where the Christmas tree is now. We moved the beds out of the way so the tree could go there, but "out of the way" was temporarily "in the middle of the room." Emma has decided that she is pleased with the new arrangement, and would like the beds to stay in the middle of the room forever and ever. As soon as you walk into the room, she races in ahead of you and pounces on the piled up dog beds as if to say "Don't you even THINK of moving my beds." How cute is that? Who could make her move? Not me.


Nichole said...

So glad I could provide your much needed pick-me-up! I saw that key chain and instantly thought of you and that you HAD to have it. So glad you like!
She looks like a queen atop all those beds!

Criquette said...

Too cute!!! hugs to Miss E!

silfert said...

1. Friends are awesome.
2. Never argue with someone who's teeth are bigger than yours.
3. You must have the same appliances as my folks. Invariably, when something needs fixing, the fix-it guy exclaims, "I haven't seen one of these in thirty years!"