Thursday, December 20, 2007

Special Guest for Dogs on Thursday

Emma and Tara had a special guest over tonight. This is little Alexis Sophia, and she is 5 weeks old. Emma thinks babies smell great. Tara thinks babies are a little scary and did not want to get close enough to get her picture taken with little Lexi.

Mom came over, too. Just try and keep her away from a baby. It can't be done. She has extra special radar and knows when there is a baby within a 5 mile radius.

Even dad came to see the baby. Anyone who knows him will be shocked at this picture:
Yes, that is dad holding an actual baby. A baby that has the potential to leak fluids (or worse) from any given orifice. This is the man that says that baby slobber is like battery acid - it ruins everything it touches. This must be a very special baby, indeed.

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