Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SNOW is a four letter word

I suppose it was inevitable that the warm weather we have been experiencing would give way to more seasonal temperatures. When it is December, that means S-N-O-W. We don't say the word out loud - that's how much I hate the stuff. Don't get me wrong - it's pretty, and if I didn't have to drive in it, I wouldn't care if it snowed from now until Easter. When it comes to driving, though, I'm a serious snow-phobic. I can trace it back to the winter after I got my driver's license, and my dear Dad took me out to an abandoned parking lot and taught me how to drive in it. Skidding, fast braking and snow banks were involved. And tears...lots of tears. That was [cough, cough, sputter] years ago, and I'm still terrified when those evil flakes start falling from the sky. How lucky am I, though, that to this day, I just have to call him up and he will drive me to work. Lucky...try spoiled! What can I say - he's the best!

Anyway, I made it safely home from work tonight without wigging out (God Bless Prozac!) and thought I'd share some pictures I took this afternoon at work. This is the view from the front of the Museum.
And this is the fountain in the courtyard.
Pretty stuff, yes, but I would be thrilled beyond belief if I never again saw another freakin' snow flake!


Criquette said...

Beautiful! Please, please, send it out here. I love snow and can never get enough of it ! (That's what happens when you grow up in the Deep South).

CynicalGal said...

Pretty fountain...I had a Chessie growing up too :)