Sunday, November 4, 2007

Everywhere You Look.....Cats!

This past weekend, I helped move some stuff to my niece's new apartment. It's a unique situation, in that there are cats everywhere. Truly....everywhere. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, because she will be working for a cat sanctuary. It's really cool, but a little weird to see so many cats in one place. It's called Tabby's Place, and it's a non-profit organization that takes in cats who have nowhere else to go. If they can find a loving homes, great. Here is the list of cats, by the way. If not, the cats are welcome to stay at Tabby's Place (receiving the best of care) for as long as they live. How great is that?

Here's Jen outside the building.

This is the self-appointed guard cat, I suppose. I didn't get her name, but she was in this comfy bed by the door and stayed there the whole time we were walking around. You'll notice her lack of ears - she has cancer, and has had a couple of surgeries recently. This is the view into the lobby from the front door. There are several rooms that hold bunches of cats. One for weight control feedings, one for sick cats, etc. The only cage I saw was the one in the center of the lobby. It is for a paralyzed cat that uses one of those wheely-cart thingies to get around. When not in the cart, he can go back to his cage and be safe from other cats pestering him.This is a close-up of one of the cat rooms.
In addition to the cats in the rooms, there are also cats wandering around freely. Here is one enjoying a nap on a chair in the lobby. Note the hand-made blankets he is snuggled up with!
Here is another cat, who has appointed himself as guard of the fax machine. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!
As an extra bonus, look what we found about 10 minutes from Jen's new apartment:
Yes, a yarn store! How lucky is that? We just had to stop in. Did you see the "sale" sign in the window? Who could resist? Just a little bit of stash enhancement. None of it was on sale, but that's OK.
Do you remember this post from just last week? You would think I could exercise the tiniest bit of self control, but noooo. I have already cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves.....

and a pair of socks.
I'm hopeless.


Nichole said...

Your banner would be easy to change, you have the clean blog layout!! :)

Nichole said...

What a wonderful place!!! Is your niece working & living there now? How cool!

Donna said...

What a great place and what a great gal your niece is. The pictures where excellent. It is so good to know that they have a home. What a special place.

Donna Lee said...

Yay for cat havens. And double yay for your niece for wanting to live there. I love the grey/red sock yarn. I really like the wide stripes.

Criquette said...

Lucky niece! Lucky, lucky kitties! what a great job - loving and hugging on kitties everyday. Be on the lookout for a little something in the mail to pass along to your niece for the kitties...I will need your snail mail address, though.

Jen's Journal said...

Hooray! I moved in and posted some pictures of my (almost) settled-into apartment. Thanks for all the kind words & posting about my new job ... though I know it was probably just to slip in about the Woolly Lamb - which may I add the fact my aunt almost launched out of the moving car about when she spotted it!

HDW said...

That is too cool...there should be on eof these in ever state!