Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emma and Tara are happy to be sharing this week's Dogs on Thursday day with an American Holiday. They say Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Here they are waiting patiently at the door for their Uncle John to arrive.
Here is the man, himself! They love their Uncle John. Emma especially loves his after-shave lotion. He puts extra on when he comes to visit, because Emma licks it off of him. He is such a sweetie - he doesn't mind at all. He's a WWII veteran, and just got back from his 65 year high school reunion. Yes, he graduated from High School in 1942! Oh, the things he has seen.
Emma and Tara really tire themselves out when Uncle John comes to visit. Emma curled up on top of the sofa cushion where Uncle John was sitting.....
...and Tara conked out on her bed.
Poor, tired girls. They like Thanksgiving, but it really cuts into their nap time!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Criquette said...

Happy Thanksgiving - looks like it was great!

Jennifer said...

Love the pic of the pooches by the door - so cute! Thanks for your kind comments about the baby sweater. It was definitely a fun knit. I'm going to Ravelry now to add you too!

Nichole said...

Great pics... so sweet! We took Lola & Sophie with us to CT for the day... we just can't take all 3 so we normally only take 1 each time... this time we figured foster Sophie but she needed a friend, so we broke out "1 dog" rule, lol