Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burgers and Fries!

Thanks to everyone for your kind and supportive comments to yesterday's post. Tara would really appreciate them, if she could read. Now the hugs and belly scratches from everyone...that's a language she understands. She says keep them coming! I appreciate the good thoughts, healing vibes and prayers, too.

Tara had a fun time at the vet today. She got to visit all the the vet techs, she saw her nanny, and she even got a massage from Dr. Bill. Truth be told, he was just checking out how many lumps have popped up the the last 7 days, but Tara thought it was a massage, so we're sticking with that. The decision was made not to remove any of the lumps. There is no reason to put her through another surgery at this point. Dr. Bill just did a needle biopsy of some of the larger lumps, took some X-rays, and then came back in the room with some choice expletives. Gotta love him.

Tara didn't care. She got to see her friends at the office, and then she got burgers and fries on the way home. The burgers she saved to share with her brother and sister at home, but the fries? Nope. She ate them right down.

Watch those fingers, mommy!


Emma and Cooper were not pleased that Tara got to go for a ride without them, but all was forgiven when she came back smelling like the Vee-Eee-Tee. The burgers she brought home helped, too.

What's next? In addition to the holistic vet appointment on Thursday afternoon, we have a 9am appointment with an oncologist in Malvern, PA. Unfortunately, we already know where that facility is. We took sweet Mellie there in 2007.

Oncology and Holistic in the same day? Sounds like we don't know what we are doing and are trying to cover all bases, doesn't it?

That's just about right.


Bubblesknits said...

Keeping y'all in our thoughts. The fries are always my favorite part, too. ;)

Jenny W said...

big hugs.

I love you girls (and Cooper).

I don't know what else to say aside from that.

SissySees said...

Hot, salty fries... You're my kinda' girl Tara.

You don't need to justify your "treatment plan" to anyone. You go where you want to go and I hope Tara continues to think this is just a great massage tour where strangers become new friends...

And do something sweet and special for yourself too, okay???

gMarie said...

I agree with Chan - no need to justify at all. You need to feel comfortable with your decision and in order to do that - you have to know all the options.

Continue with the burgers and fries reward and lots of massages and Tara will be okay. Glad she's still feeling like herself.

Remember to take care of you! g

Nichole said...

Love the pics... sending continued good vibes to all!

Sue said...

Isn't it great that they don't worry about any of this awful stuff that keeps us awake at night? I'm afraid I'm facing something similar with Morgan. She's going in Monday for her six month checkup and her doctor will be looking at all the new lumps since last time. It seems like she gets a new one each day.

You know I'm thinking about you and I'm here if you need to yell at someone. I can listen to rants anytime.