Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes!

If I didn't see it with my own eyes, feel it with my own hands, I wouldn't believe it. Tara woke up this morning (after a good night's sleep), and the tumors are smaller. I'm not crazy. Maybe I am crazy, but the lumps really ARE smaller. Some of the little ones are gone. The bigger ones that were about the size of a goose egg are smaller. They have maybe decreased by half. One dose of chemo, and the lumps are going away. I can't tell you how thrilled I am. I had to share right away since I know so many people are following her progress and sending prayers, vibes and healing thoughts her way. We feel all of that support, and are truly appreciative. It makes a huge difference.

I've tried to get photos, but it's hard with her long fluffy hair. The best I can do is show you this one from May 1st. She is eating a french fry after one of her vet appointments, and you can see a couple of lumps on the top of her head. That was five days ago, and they were just getting larger every day.


Here is a picture of her this morning. Can you see the lumps? Nope! They are so small that you can't tell they're there unless you feel her head. She looks a little grumpy in the photo, but that's just because I've been following her all around and rubbing her all over, keeping her from getting her morning nap.

Tara 5-6-2012 One day after first chemo
She is tolerating the chemo really well, slept great, and had a hearty breakfast. One of the lumps in her mouth was bleeding quite a bit yesterday whenever she would lay on her right side, so her "hearty breakfast" was all soft foods, but she enjoyed it just the same.

I don't have any false expectations, and know that each week she will get a different chemo drug, and she may have side effects. Her best case prognosis is 18 months, but they will be 18 quality months. It would have been a few weeks, at the most, without chemo, and I have to believe they would have been rough weeks for her. Right now, every day with her is a blessing.


SissySees said...

Oh happy day!!! We are over the moon for you and Tara. 18 months is roughly ten years in dog years you know, so that's REALLY something. (And clearly, you're both fighters, so... who knows how much longer you might get?!)

Give that sweet girl... never mind. After her nap, slip her something extra from us too.

Sue said...

Believe me, we've got fingers, paws, eyes and everything else crossed hoping that this trend continues. Fight Tara!!
Morgan and the Porties

Donna Lee said...

That is the best news! She's a fighter (like her mama).

gMarie said...

So, so thrilled for you both. I would be following her and running hands all over her every single minute I could. Amazing that the lumps are going down already. g

Nichole said...


Bubblesknits said...

So very happy the chemo is working!!! Micro would give her a doggy high five if he could. :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing all the best in the world for you and Tara. Our last dog was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and only given 3 months, at the most, had we not done any treatment. We choose to do radiation, even though it meant a 6 hour round trip,3 days a week, for 5 weeks. After a year we also did a type of chemo. His neurologist had never had a dog with his tumor live over 2 years but we were lucky enought to have our boy for 4.5 years after diagnoses. He never had a reaction to either the radiation or chemo and was a happy active boy to the end. I hope you will have really wonderful luck too.