Monday, October 12, 2009

Vermont, Part 2

When we left off on the Whirlwind Trip to Vermont, I had just gotten onto the train. I'm not sure what I expected train travel to be like, but I was pleasantly surprised. After the initial panic when the train started moving and I realized there were no seat belts, I soon realized that there is no need for seat belts. That is, as long as the train car doesn't jump the tracks and go hurtling into a canyon, but we won't go there. In true tourist fashion, I snapped lots of pics from the train, but they fall into two categories, cities and countryside, and the pictures in each category all look alike, so I will only bore you with one of each.

City: I think this is New York City. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's NYC. Either that, or Newark, NJ.

Countryside: This is somewhere in Connecticut. Or Massachusetts. Could it be Vermont? Who knows, but it's pretty.

After too many hours on the train in which I got too little knitting done because I was constantly gawking out the window and taking pictures, I arrived in Montpelier, Vermont. It was dark, raining, and the train station was little more than a cattle shed, but that all added to the charm. Of course, it was great to see mom and dad there waiting for me, and we all piled into the car for the long drive to the lake.

I insist on calling it a lake, even though it's really called "Joe's Pond", but if that is a pond, than Mt. Everest is just a hill. It's a lovely spot, and would be absolutely perfect if it didn't get tons of snow in the winter. Oh, and cell phone service and wifi would be nice. Not absolutely necessary, but nice. I took along my laptop and cell phone, so I had what amounted to be a big paperweight (laptop) and a small paperweight (cell phone).
Here is where mom and dad were for the week.

View of the house from the "road" (and I use that term loosely).

View of the house from one of the docks:View of the lake from the porch:
View of the best parents in the world:
Stay tuned for more Vermont fun, including a marriage proposal...


Donna Lee said...

That's a pond? It looks just about perfect although the lack of electronic services puts a damper on any permanene living arrangement.

Channon said...

Nice photos, but get on to the marriage proposal! Do the girls need bridesmaid dresses?!

Nichole said...

Gorgeous pics... next time you must stop in NH!

Sue said...

It looks wonderful. I've always thought I belonged in Vermont and your pictures are making me more sure about it.

laughingmuse said...

OMG, it looks gorgeous. I could live there - even without the wireless/computer hookups. (Assuming I could have a land line and access to the Internet at the public library.)

Your folks are adorable. I'm so glad you were able to join them up there. Oooo.