Friday, July 17, 2009

Elizabeth Bennett had it right...

I totally missed yesterday's Dogs on Thursday, and I can only plead tiredness. It has been an exhausting week at work, and even though it's Friday, my work week is not over. In fact, today was only day 5 of 12 days in a row. I'm getting too old to work 12 days in a row!

I won't go into much detail, but this weekend is a big to-do at work. It's an every-other-year event, and I absolutely dread it. It is basically a bunch of people who have more money than God getting together to do competitive shopping for "art". If these people want something from you, you are treated like a servant. If they don't require your presence, you are lower than a speck of dirt on the bottom of their shoe. I swear that if I ever have enough money to attend an event like this, (or even any money at all, really) I will never, ever treat anyone the way I have been treated today, and will be treated tomorrow for 12 hours, and on Sunday for another 8 hours.

This just proves, yet again, that Elizabeth Bennett was a very wise (though fictional) woman when she said "The very rich can afford to give offence wherever they go."


Jennifer said...

Ugh - mean people are just the worst. Hope the weekend goes by quickly!

margo said...

baby girl, I have been at the mercy of those people for all of my married life.
real class knows no boundaries and it rises like cream to the top.
rise, you are wonderful, they are small or they would not have to put on "airs".
Pat will give you my number if you need to vent.
NEVER give them the power.
big hugs

Criquette said...

I'm sorry you have to put up with these entitled, narcissistic blahblahs (fill in your own blank). These are the kind of situations that truly point out the precious gift of unconditional love that our furbabies give to us.


Channon said...

Not fun. But at least you go home to furry cuties to cheer you up!

gaylen said...

Nothing like rude people to put things into perspective. Hope this week goes by fast and you get a real weekend soon. g