Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

Thursday already? Really? It's not possible. I'm off from work this week, and it's amazing how quickly the days go by when you're on vacation.

Not that it's a real vacation vacation. So far we have spent a couple of mornings covering up some old fake tile in the bathroom with wainscoting. I say "fake" tile, because the floor and up to about 4' on the walls is concrete that they scored to give it a tile-like look. Ugh. This is the bathroom in the old part of the house, circa 1915. I guess that was the thing to do back then? Who knows? If we ever get a tornado in southern New Jersey, we're safe. That bathroom is like a concrete bunker.

We've also had to have the repair man out to fix the door on the dishwasher earlier this week. Somehow, the door broke, and when you would go to open the dishwasher, you had to brace yourself so the door didn't rip your arm right out of its socket. Luckily, it was still under warranty. Still, I wish I knew how the door broke. Hey, wait, you don't think it could have been this?

No. No, certainly not.

Anyway, today we are going out to Lancaster County, PA with mom and dad, so I'm posting this Dogs on Thursday post extra early in the morning. Since it is almost August, you know what that means... Time for the dogs to choose another Brown Bag Sock Yarn! Yippee! You can see how excited they are about it from this video:

Maybe they're not really all that excited. How hard is it to show a little enthusiasm? Seriously, I don't ask much from these dogs, the least they can do is pick some darn sock yarn once a month!

Just kidding! The love they give me every day is more than I could ever ask for, and certainly more than I deserve.

FYI, here is August's sock yarn.

Love it!


Nichole said...

Great video!!! :)

Channon said...

Hem, hem. The Knight saw the photo and said, "Does your friend know that will break the door?" I giggled and explained the repair person was on the way...

Just not being at work is nice, isn't it? I've seen others call that a stay-cation, or something like that. Sounds nice.

ponyknit said...

YAY! Go Emma! Pretty pick! Thanks for sharing, they were all so adorable! I gave my dog a "job" this AM and because she seemed to enjoy it, she'll most likely be joining me from now on. Whenever I'm doing barn chores in the AM she watches me from afar. She loved being right there this morning. She even barked when she thought I was in danger (in my horses stall and not near the door). So cute!

Sue said...

You had Rob and me both laughing at this one. "I wonder how it broke?" I guess you hid that photo while the repairman was there.

You need to put a couple treats in the basket under the yarn bags. My dogs would be tearing all the bags open to see what was inside. I have a very nosey group.

fiberdoodles said...

I don't think you will get a confession out of those two (lol). What a great picture!

Happy DOT,

margo said...

I look forward to Thursday's posts.
The video was so cute!!
I wish I could get a photo of the kids in the dishwasher to share with friends. I tell them about it but wold love to send a visual. Too funny'

Criquette said...

LOL! I love the video! If it was as hot there when you shot it as it is here today, it's no wonder no one they were all laying around!

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

Great video. Such personalities those three...