Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Car!

No, not for me, but for my pretty excited niece Jen!

She had an accident this past week with her old faithful Toyota Rav4, and thankfully Jen wasn't hurt. The Toyota is another story, so with the help of insurance money and excellent credit, she bought herself a brand new Scion!

The best part is, it has lots of room in the back for cat and/or dog crates! What can I say, her first priority in a car is "room for rescues"!


Channon said...

You must be such a proud auntie! We're making noises about replacing my vehicle with something with more "cargo" room. I keep ignoring the Knight's hints.

silfert said...

Golly, she doesn't look excited at all!

Criquette said...

What better priority for a new car than having enough room for the furkids?

Jen's Journal said...

I was excited. I am ... it's just, you know, mixed with the realization I am now REALLY broke. :)