Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stash Reduction!

Not mine, though. Nope. Every bit of my stash is absolutely necessary and will eventually become a pair of socks or some other knitted garment. I only have to live to be around 250 years old, and I'll be able to use every last bit of yarn in my stash.

The Stash Reduction Sale is going on over at Stephanie's blog. Beautiful yarn at super prices. As if you needed an incentive to buy yarn, Stephanie is using the money from the sale for income generating projects for the families of the children she sponsors through Children International. Great yarn, great prices, great cause--get on over there!


Channon said...

Great idea! Of course, I'm trying to recover from my Stitches expenditures...

Stephanie said...

Thanks Dianne! And for mentioning my sponsor kids too. :)

Emma looks so cute in that photo you posted of her with the sock on her foot. She is so sweet!