Sunday, November 23, 2008

Number One Question in the Museum at Christmas... "Where is the ladies' room?" but that's not really blog worthy, is it? The number two question is "How did you get that tree in here?" Every year, we get a fresh Christmas tree for the Museum's lobby. It's a little early for Christmas yet, but our annual exhibit opens the day after Thanksgiving, so everything has to be in place by Wednesday if we don't want to work Thanksgiving Day.

Anyway, here is the story, along with some (quite blurry) pictures. Here is a shot of the tree on it's way.

How are we going to get it inside?
Just push and shove and heave-ho!
OK, now what?
Everybody grab and hold!

Uh oh, the ceilings are 14 feet high, and the tree is somewhat more than that.
Here is the museum's curator on the left, directing our head grounds guy where to nip and tuck the top branches.

Just a little more over here...

Now she's taking matters into her own hands.

Try the tree again, and it fits! Now for fine-tuning some fine tuning and bracing.

I'd like to be able to say that no trees were harmed in the making of this blog post, but the evidence is on the carpet. Oh, the carnage!


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

It is going to be so beautiful in that rich red room!!

Sonya said...

Did you bring home the evidence to use for your own decorating?

Make sure to show us the tree in all its' decorated glory.

Channon said...

Ha! What a LOVELY tree. Can't wait to see it all decorated.

margo said...

Hope to visit you and Pat soon. I promised a friend who has never been to the museum, even though she has lived in South Jersey all her life, that we'd make the trip.

ponyknit said...

Yikes! Looks great after all that squooshing!