Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Ride on the Brittany Transport

Meet Livvy:
Please excuse her, but she is very tired. She left New Hampshire early this morning, travelled through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Delaware, before meeting her forever family and being taken to her new home in Maryland. That's a lot of time on the road! My sister S and I picked her up at Exit 8 on the NJ Turnpike and took her to a state park in Delaware. Here she is bonding with her forever Dad:
And this is her Mom and Dad, along with brother Clancey. Now that is one happy family!


Nichole said...

That is so awesome that you help with the transport... and she came from NH? Cool!

HDW said...

She does look very happy!!!!!

silfert said...

Look at those faces! Must...skritch...ears... :)