Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a good vacation when you go to LL Bean three times in one week!

It's Friday already. How can that be? This week has just flown by. The days go so much quicker when you're on vacation than they do when you're at work. It was a productive week, but some fun was squeezed in here and there, too!

The most important thing we did was to take Emma and Tara to the vet for some full-spectrum bloodwork. Since they have now been exclusively on homemade food for a little over three months, we thought it was a good idea to see if they are getting all of the nutrients they need. Everything came back fine. Tara's triglycerides are a little high, but not high enough to worry about. They both look healthy, but I feel much better now that I know they ARE healthy.

We also saw the Harry Potter movie ( my opinion it's too scary for kids, but good), went out to breakfast with Mom, and went to the closest LL Bean store...three one week. It's almost an hour away, so I would say we get there probably three times in a year. Not this week. Three times. One week. The thing is, I had ordered a kayak (not from LL Bean - big mistake!) two weeks ago, which was on back-order until the 17th. My sister S has been looking at kayaks for over a year, and thought it would be a great time to buy one now so we could go out on the lake together. Hence the trip to LL Bean. We actually went to several other stores, but none compared in the selection of kayaks or knowledge & helpfulness of the employees at LL Bean. She did not buy a kayak on the first trip, because you have to mull these things over.

On the second trip to LL Bean, she bought this one:

In the meantime, I am waiting patiently for my (non-LL Bean) kayak to arrive. To make a long story short, after several calls to the manufacturer, it turns out they were not able to ship the kayak this week. They promised that it would be shipped four days ago, and now they can almost, pretty much, kind of guarantee shipment some time next week. Next week, when I am back at work. Now, we have a lake on the grounds where I work, but I think it would be frowned upon if I were to bring my kayak to work.

This morning I cancelled my order, and we went back to LL Bean, where I bought this one:

This is what it looks like in the lake:
This is what it looks like after someone tips it over while trying to get out of it:

Note to self: keep the bottom of the boat pointing toward the bottom of the lake at all times.


Nichole said...

Nice note to self... have to agree there, lol!
Congrats on the new purchase! I love LL Bean too.. fortunately there's an outlet only about 15 minutes away... "real" store further North.

Knitting Mama said...

That Kayak is awesome! I've always wanted to learn. I learned how to canoe at sleepaway camp in the early 90's, but was always afraid of Kayaks. Here's why. I was always afraid, that the Kayak if flipped over, I would not be able to get out, and I'd be stuck under the water upside down. For some reason this terrifies me.

Enjoy your kayak for me! It's a beauty!

HDW said...

LOL.........If I got in one of those things it would be worse than a farmer in a boat......I don't know what is worse but that would be me!!!!!!