Sunday, July 15, 2007

End of the Weekend!

The weekend is almost over - woo hoo! Not my normal reaction to early evening on a Sunday, but this was the worst time of the year at work, and I got home about two hours ago, and am now officially on vacation for a whole week. I won't go into too much detail, but if you like being treated like dirt by a bunch of uber-wealthy people, and uber-wealthy wannabes, then you would have had a great time.

Anyway, a whole week off. I can't remember the last time I had a whole week off. I usually take off a day here and there for appointments & day trips & such. I'm not doing anything special (just appointments & day trips & such!) but at least I have a whole week to recover from such a crap-tastic weekend!

To aid in the recovery process, I bought myself a treat. What kind of treat you ask? You might guess..... sock yarn. Well, as much as I need more sock yarn (doesn't everyone?) that's not it. You might guess..... well, we could go around and around, and and no one would ever guess right, so I'll tell you. It's a KAYAK!

I acknowledge that I'm not much of a water person, and I especially don't like being out in a boat on the water, but I have a theory that this is because I have a (quite rational and reasonable) fear of being out in a boat and having the motor break down and I can't get back to shore. I know how to swim, but have another (quite rational and reasonable) fear of being in any body of water where I cannot see to the bottom. Fish and turtles and all manner of creepy crawl-y (or swim-y, as the case may be) creatures are just fine, and I have a "live and let live" kind of attitude toward our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth. I do, however, expect well established boundaries to be obeyed. I consider the area of, say, 6 feet yards miles to be a reasonable distance between me and various unsavories. While I consider myself to be a trusting person, if I am going to go swimming, I want the advantage of clear water where I can see to the bottom and know if a critter is anywhere nearby so I can scream bloody murder alert a fellow nature lover that I am in need of assistance.

But I digress. Back to the kayak. It is human-powered, so there is no motor to break down. If I got myself out onto the lake, I can get myself back. No fear, no matter how rational and reasonable, of having toes bitten off by turtles, or having all of the blood sucked out of my body my leeches, or being eaten alive by flesh-eating carp. Just a peaceful, relaxing day out on the lake. Ahhhhhh.


Criquette said...

Funny, I was watching a segment on Weather Channel earlier today about really serious kayakers. all I can say are a nut! But bravo for taking on one of your fears and not letting it boss you around!

Nichole said...

Congrats on the full week off... I am so jealous! I had a very full and fun, but exhausting weekend... and we have a new foster Bella who is go-go-go-go-go... needles to say, I'm lacking sleep!

silfert said...

The preferred food of flesh-eating carp happens to be leeches, and the turtles eat the carp, so you should be fine. Enjoy your week!