Monday, March 19, 2007

Widespread Pet Food Recall

News of a mass recall of dog and cat food from was forwarded to American Brittany Rescue volunteers from the New Jersey ABR coordinator. If you have a dog or cat and buy canned or pouch food, please check this out. In addition to dozens of "store" brands of food, there are even brands like Iams, Eukanuba, and Nutro. My dogs eat Nutro Natural Choice crunchies, but thank goodness the dry food is not included. Joey eats Whiskas or Friskies, but again, they are not included. Scary stuff, though.

Joey is still doing great from his BB pellet wound. Today is the last day of his antibiotic (Yay!). Mellie had an OK weekend. She has decided that chicken nuggets are not her favorite thing in the world, and after some experimenting, she now likes shaved beef - the kind in a Philly cheese steak. Ahhhh... the aroma of searing flesh at 5:45am. I never liked the smell of meat back when I ate it, and I REALLY don't like it now. While cooking it, I chant "anything for Mellie....anything for Mellie....anything for Mellie." It's cooling right now, so I'm hoping she eats it! Just in case, there are chicken nuggets in the oven, too. Wish me luck!


Post-Breakfast Update - The cheese steak was very tasty this morning!!! It's gonna be a good day!

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Criquette said...

Yay Mellie, you keep goin' girl! Goo thoughts keep coming her way (and yours, too)> I am in love with your mitered squares blankie. Where did you get the pattern for it?