Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blankie Update and Sad Daffs

Another week has come and gone, and 14 squares have been completed. Yipee! I'm at a standstill with the pink baby blanket, so that helps. I took advantage of a moment without a dog on the ottoman to lay out the blankie and snap this picture. On second thought, a dog really would have added something special to the shot.

This is a shot of some daffodils in the yard. They were almost ready to "pop" when we got hit with some rain, then sleet, then snow yesterday. Poor, sad looking daffs.
Mellie has been doing pretty good. She has been turning her nose up at the chicken nuggets for the past couple of days. She considers scrambled eggs with cheese to be an acceptable substitute, but we are now out of eggs. This morning she ate almost a whole can of chicken & rice soup (Healthy Choice, low sodium) and a few nuggets. We're just waiting for the ice & snow to melt a bit before venturing out onto the roads. We're going to prowl around the grocery store and load up on anything and everything that we think she might be tempted to eat. Yes, this means spending some time at the meat case. Yes, we do not eat meat. Yes, it is extremely distasteful to buy the stuff. Especially when you think of the cows' big, brown eyes and soft noses, or the poor chickens who have to spend their short little lives in deplorable conditions before meeting an untimely end. But, hey, if it would get Mellie to eat, I'd go into the backyard and slaughter my own pet chickens. Good thing Duckie and Blackie can't read, huh? Ahhh, they're safe. They will be 10 years old in April (who knew chickens lived that long?) and are probably tough and stringy, and I'd rather pay someone else to do the slaughtering of unnamed chickens, anyway. Principles only go so far when you have a sick dog...

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