Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blankie Update and Happy Daffs

Welcome to Blankie Update Friday. Yes, it is technically Saturday here in New Jersey, but I figure that as long as I post some time on Saturday, it is still Friday somewhere in the world. Flawed, I know, but just let me have my little reality.

Anyway, 10 squares. Not too shabby. It's better than what will be done this time next week. I'm back to the everlasting black-hole that consumes my world. In other words, the pink baby blanket. The Baby Knits book arrived yesterday, and I did a sample edging, and it just won't look right on the pink blanket. Not to mention the fact that the blanket has to be done by next weekend, and there is virtually no chance of my completing the complicated border patterns all the way around the blanket. Did I mention that the blanket is HUGE? A side note...gauge swatches are NOT for sissies.

Here is a picture of the same daffs that were in last week's post. Look how happy they are this week, without all that nasty snow and ice. I just love Spring, mainly because it is the END of WINTER!

I also signed up for a couple more sections of a book with Librivox. I completed the chapters I was recording of The Scarlet Letter, and am now working on a chunk of Tom Jones. It's a lot of fun, if you call cursing at your computer screen fun. There definitely is a learning curve with the recording software, and lets just say that I have not yet successfully navigated the highway. Still, I am really enjoying listening to the books on my iPod, (Pride and Prejudice and Emma, so far) and am sure that recording will be fun, too, eventually.

Mellie had a very good week this week. The warmer weather helps. helps me, so I have to assume it helps her! Many, many thanks to everyone who is sending positive energy and good wishes her (our) way.


Anonymous said...

love the blanket!! i want to start one, but i don't have that much sock yarn leftovers! love the daffs!! spring is almost here in the north east!

i can't wait to listed to the scarlet letter while knitting!

SP 10

Criquette said...

GO Mellie! In addition to the Good Thoughts I am sending to her, I am also sending "Good Thoughts" for finishing the pink blanket ;)

Jennifer said...

If the "pink blanket" is to be the Alphabet Blanket- don't let the edging scare you! This blanket was so easy and fast (granted, I was home every day for 2 weeks so I got huge chunks of it done) and the border is NOT hard! Each side is done separately, only 12 rows of chart then the triangles. I used a dpn for the side of the triangles that are on the needle so I wouldn't have to hold a heavy needle for 1-8 sts, but it went really fast. Each side would probably take about 3 hours...give or take interruptions. If this is the blanket let me know if you have any questions. If it is for a different blanket...ignore this comment LOL. :)

elan said...

Gorgeous blanket, picture like that get me into trouble. Why not doa crab stitch crochet border around the pink blanket, it's easy. quick & can easily be redone since the edges of blankies seem to get the most wear, I know it isn't fancy but it's durable.

noricum said...

Cool blankie! I'm still working on my blankie too. :)