Friday, July 27, 2012

Settling in Nicely

Annie and Molly have been in New Jersey for almost 48 hours now, and they are settling in nicely. Here is a shot of their first meeting with their big sister/doggie mama, Emma.

Emma, Annie, Molly
Emma isn't sure if they are cats or rabbits or what, but she knows they can't possibly be dogs...

Emma and Annie
Here she is saying "What is this thing, and why is it sniffing my butt?"

Emma is pretty much ignoring them right now, which is OK. She will come to love them, I'm sure. She has been through a rough couple of months, and it will take some time, but we will all get there. In the meantime, Annie has claimed the biggest, comfiest doggie bed...


...but Molly isn't content with a doggie bed. She has to be on the over-stuffed chair with all the pillows that she can push around until she gets them in just the perfect position.

One of their favorite things is shopping, as you can see from this photo taken yesterday at PetSmart.
Annie and Molly
Molly was bark-bark-barking when she was walking around the store, but she quieted right down when I put them in the cart. She likes to ride in style.

Annie & Molly
Don't they look like stuffed toys?

These little munchkins are so precious, and have already brought a lot of joy to a house that was so full of grief and sadness over the recent loss of Tara and Cooper. They will be heading down to Fortescue this weekend for their first taste of the beach! Welcome to New Jersey, little girls!


SissySees said...

Absolutely darling!! I'm so glad they're settling in. They look like Emma could have hatched them... ;)

Bridget said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Here's to many happy years together. Please kiss everyone for me.

Sue said...

Isn't it amazing how healing a silly pup or two can be? They are beautiful and I know that both you and Emma will be totally in love with them soon.

gMarie said...

They do look like Mini-Emmas. I hope she warms up to them and lets them comfort her. So glad everyone is settling in. g

Susanne said...

Such a adorable pooder-heads. So glad they've joined your fam.

Donna Lee said...

They look like members of the same family. What cuties! I'm glad for you and Emma. I think the girls will help heal your hurt hearts.

Nichole said...

Awww, welcome to Jersey girls and welcome to a very loving family! :) We are sure your sis/mama will be romping with you shortly! :)