Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coping with loss.

I want to thank everyone for your comments and support both here and on Facebook. I have never gone through losing two of these precious souls so close together. Two dogs in two weeks. It's rough. Really, really, rough, but we are trying to keep everything as normal as possible for Emma. Unfortunately, Emma is extremely intelligent, and one of the curses of having an intelligent dog is that she sees through all of the false bravado and forced cheer. I swear she is more "human" than some humans I know.

Anyway, one of Emma's issues right now is sleeping at night. She doesn't want to do it. At least, not in either my bedroom or my sister's. Normally she would come to bed with me for an hour or two, then jump down and go into my sister's bedroom for the rest of the night. (She likes to spread the love, you know?) Since losing her siblings, she won't sleep in either bedroom. She wants to sleep in the great room, but not alone. No sir-eee. Someone has to sleep out there with her, or she will bark. She will bark, bark, bark, and then bark some more. Then nobody gets any sleep. Needless to say, my sister and I have been taking turns sleeping on the sofa. Problem solved.

Another challenge for Emma is being left alone. It's not an option right now. She will howl at the door whenever she is left alone in the house. Not a big surprise, as she has always had another dog or two to keep her company. Our solution? Don't ever leave her alone in the house. There is the small issue of my sister and I both having jobs, so we are getting over that hurdle by Emma going to work with my sister.

Here is Emma just lounging around when she really should be doing some filing.

Emma 7-12-12

Emma is learning how to use the telephone. As long as someone holds it for her, that is.
Emma 7-12-12
Beware of dogs popping their heads up from under computer desks.

Emma 7-12-12
Emma can just...about...see...over...the...counter. We need to see someone about lowering these countertops...

Emma 7-12-12

Recycle? Of course we recycle here. Anything edible goes into Emma. Everything else goes into the recycle bin.
Emma 7-12-12

Of course, this situation can't go on forever. Eventually, the summer will end and my sister's school will be filled with kids again. While that's not a problem for Emma since she absolutely loves kids, there are a couple of kids in the school who have severe allergies. So, along with the no-peanut-butter-allowed-in-the-building rule, there is also a no-animal-with-fur-allowed-in-the-building rule. ::sigh::

I realize that so far we have been using short-term solutions. The long term solution would be to get a brother or sister for Emma. I'm having a hard time with that right now, and am nowhere near ready to get another dog. It's too hard. I know that they give so much more joy than the heartache that losing them brings, but having that heartache so fresh, from losing TWO of these beautiful souls... I'm just not ready. I can't even think about it right now.

That said, I have been thinking about it. If it wasn't for Emma's issues, I wouldn't consider it, but Emma needs a friend. She needs a brother or sister who can give her what us humans simply can't. I have been looking on the American Brittany Rescue website and there are so many dogs out there in need of homes... Emma needs a sibling, and there are dogs in need of a home. Any way you do the math, how selfish would I be to say no to another dog?


Bridget said...

Poor Emma - she is probably so confused, but it's so great that you can actually help her through this, even if the immediate solutions cannot be permament.

I don't know anyone who is ready to get another pet as soon as one is gone, so give yourself some slack there.

And, I meant to ask you if you had ever read the item below. I find it sad but so incredibly sweet.

Sue said...

When faced with a similar situation w wound up getting a new friend for Pylon. Like magic the ulcer healed and the sadness that hung over her disappeared.

They are so aware.

Donna Lee said...

Poor Emma. She's probably afraid that she'll wake up and you'll be gone, too.

And poor Diane. That's a tough decision to make. Having a heart still sore is a tough time to take in a new family member. But maybe it's the way to help you both heal. You know that grief is something you have to work through and it won't go away whether you have another dog or not. I know you'll make the decision that feels best for both of you.

SissySees said...

Poor Emma!! We're crossing paws and sending good vibes your way. The right solution for each of you will sort itself out...

Nichole said...

You are an amazing person and even more amazing doggy Mom! You'll do the right thing for Emma, as much as you have to deal with your own heatache. We both know all too well how many lives out there need saving and who knows, maybe your babies have already sent another angel to you and that angel is just out there waiting for you and Emma to take them home. Hugs!

gMarie said...

Oh how I wish I had the answer for you. But it sounds as if you have already worked it out for yourself. So glad Emma is working these days - she seems to be enjoying it. g

Jo's World said...

Your blog is new to me and I am here to offer condolences in the loss of your two dogs. What a sad ordeal that is!

I can see you are especially good dog Moms and will do the right thing for Emma. If it were me, I would take her with and look for another dog. You would know then if that is what she wants or if she just needs to grieve. I wish you the very best in whatever you do.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat