Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yet another bite...

OK, so my last post left off talking about the seagull incident. I didn't mention that there was another bite that same day. Not another seagull. Not another mouse. This time was a feral cat.

Remember this post about the feral cat colony in Fortescue? My sister and I were feeding the cats, hoping to catch some of them and get them neutered, but of course we were not fully prepared. No cat cage, no gloves... nothing but a bag of cat chow and high hopes of saving a life or two.

To make a long story short (I have to get ready to go to work), I ended up getting bitten by one of the cats. I didn't get a picture of it, but it looked something like this:

scary black cat

It wasn't the cat's fault. The poor thing was scared. Still, I ended with some kitty fangs in my hand. You know what that means... The next day I called my doctor's office to see if I needed an antibiotic. The nurse told me that they send all cat bites to the ER. Seriously? The Emergency Room? I told her that it wasn't serious at all, definitely NOT an emergency. She said that is standard procedure. I insisted on seeing a doctor before being sent to the ER, so they reluctantly gave me an appointment.

The nurse who came to the waiting room to take me back to an exam room looked at me and said "You're the mouse girl!" What have you gotten into now? After briefly explaining, she said "I want to follow you around for a week. You must have a fascinating life." Fascinating? Yeah, right.

The doctor agreed that it wasn't serious, and gave me an antibiotic but told me that I had to be seen again in a week. Even if it was completely healed, I HAD to go back and let them see the wound. I figured that was better than going to the ER, so I agreed.

One week later, I go back to the doctor. After the routine blood pressure, pulse, temperature check, she examines the seagull and cat bites and then says that even though everything was healing nicely, she wanted me to get a rabies antibody test. Apparently I had a fever. Great. There was no way I could have rabies. I figured she was just being overly thorough. I took the paperwork, "filed" it in the glove compartment of my car, and figured she would never know if I got the test or not.

A week goes by, and I am really feeling like crap. Tired all the time, headache-y, stiff neck, eyes hurt. All of the classic signs of a fever. I took my temperature. It was 100.2. I take some Advil, and get on with my day. Next day, feeling like crap again, temp was 99.9. Holy crap, could I have rabies????

I dug the paperwork for bloodwork out of my glove compartment and hauled my fevered self to the lab. Two (feverish) days go by, then three, then four. I don't hear a word. I call the doctor's office on day 5. I am told it takes at least a week for a rabies test, sometimes two weeks. Then there was the Thanksgiving holiday... I tell the nurse I still have a fever, she wants me to come in right away. I put her off, figuring there is no point in being seen without the results of the bloodwork. At this point I'm thinking rabies is a possibility...

Fortunately, the nurse called yesterday. NO RABIES!!! Yay! Time to do a happy dance! Since I still have a fever, they put me on another antibiotic. The third one in as many months. Let's hope this one knocks the hell out of whatever is wreaking havoc with my body!


Sue said...

Hey girl, rabies is nothing to screw around with. I suggest strongly that you stop on the way home today and buy some gloves, good thick rodent handling gloves.

When we had to trap a feral cat a couple years ago we used a have a heart trap and a can of tuna. Wiley cat didn't fall for that, but some tuna did lure him into a dog carrier.

Gloves are a must if you plan to rescue wild beasties and get some that are long enough to cover your arms.

SissySees said...

Oh Dianne!! I hope you're okay. I know they had a TERRIBLE time getting the infection under control when Mugsy bit me (while I was breaking up a fight with Fred, of course). I was almost hospitalized and put on IV antibiotics...

Keep me posted, please?

Wyatt said...

oh dear...what an ordeal or 2 you have had! We need to check in more often. Hope you are okay and follow your doctors orders.


Jennifer said...

Holy cow! Thank god no rabies- my dad had to have the shots when he was young. He was bitten by a fieldmouse on a school field trip and they thought it would be easier to just give him the shots than to find the exact mouse and test it for rabies. Thankfully you didn't have to go through that!

(Though yeah- exiting life! I'm busy as heck but I think the only things I could get bitten by would be my cat, hubby or children!)

ps Merry Christmas, and in advance, Happy New Year! (My goal for the new year is to GOOD, and your paper chain was my inspiration) :)