Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dogs on Thursday

For this week's Dogs on Thursday, Emma, Tara and Cooper would like to introduce their new brother.
Isn't he a cutie? He is a baby Canada Goose and his name is Bob. I don't know why, he just looked like a Bob. His incredibly stupid momma goose built her nest on the roof of the Stained Glass Studio at work. Yes, just like this family from a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the roof of the Stained Glass Studio is only something like 7 or 8 feet off the ground, as opposed to the museum's sky-high roof. Stupid, stupid geese!

Anyway, the rest of Bob's brothers and sisters made it off the roof just fine, but Bobby Boy jumped off onto the asphalt walkway. He was found belly-up, and unable to walk, but alive this morning. Who do they call? The crazy goose lady. After making sure that there was no way he would survive on his own (his momma, daddy and siblings left him...LEFT HIM! Stupid geese), I bundled him up and brought him back to the museum and put a little bit of water in one of our wash tubs for him.
He perked up, and started to put some weight on his foot. I think his right leg is sprained, but not broken. That's my opinion as a crazy goose lady with no medical training whatsoever. The way I see it, I had no choice other than to take him home and nurse him back to health. I know I can't keep him forever (yes I can) and am only planning on getting him healthy and then setting him free (no I'm not). I think once he is walking around on his foot, he will be able to join one of the geese families in the lake at work. (No he won't. He is mine, all mine, forever and ever.)

Here he is bundled up in a towel, riding comfortably in my car. We made a few stops, and he was a very well behaved little goose in the stores. Hey, I needed goose food and a baby pool, and I was NOT going to leave Bob in the car...

I also bought a bucket to make it easier to carry Bob around without drawing so much attention to the fact that I am walking around with a baby goose. The first residents of Britknitterville to welcome Bob were the neighbor's chickens.
That is as close as the chickens came to the bucket. When they realized it wasn't something for them to eat, they wandered off. Fickle chickens...

Here is Bob enjoying a little time in the sun.
When my sister came home, she helped me carry the baby pool closer to the house so that Emma, Tara and Cooper could give their new brother a proper welcome.
Tara says "Hmmmm, I'm feeling a bit hungry. Oh, I can't eat him, mommy? OK, then I'll take a cookie instead."
Emma, however, said, "You go ahead and get a cookie...I'm gettin' me some GOOSE!"
She just wanted to give him a kiss!
We thought it would be a good idea to get Bob out of Emma's thoughts, so we took him for a ride to Fortescue. He liked his first trip to the beach!
On the way home we stopped at mom and dad's house to introduce them to their new grandson. Bessie liked meeting her new little cousin.
Dad said, "You know you are going to be labeled certifiably insane, don't you?"

My sister, always helpful and supportive, said "Well, it's really more like a re-certification."

Har-de-har-har. Funny, funny people in this family of mine...


Sue said...

You are the most wonderfully crazy lady I know. I love your new little family member. Geese can live very nicely with only one leg, but with the good care Bob is receiving I'm sure he'll be dancing in no time.

Tie a red ribbon on that boy and send me his photo for bandana day.

Donna Lee said...

Poor Bob was probably traumatized by those LARGE dogs sniffing at him. He can't know they're family. You are a sweet person for taking Bob in and giving him a "temporary" home.

Nichole said...

I second what Sue said... you are definitely the best crazy lady around! Bob is adorable!!!! Does he sleep inside or out? :)

Channon said...

I love it! Bob is adorable, and I suspect you'll have a hard time convincing him to leave his new flock when he's all grown up. I love that he's already a seasoned traveller.

Jenny W said...

love it!