Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Dogless Dogs on Thursday

It's Thursday again, which means Dogs on Thursday, but here I am without a doggie post. That's just not right! Especially since I've been feeling like crap all week because of the baby geese, and my sweet, funny dogs are the main reason I have managed to get out of bed every morning.

So what is the reason for another dogless post? Geese. Or more specifically, one goose. Have you seen this goose?
At first glance it looks like every other goose in the lake at work, but he swims kind of funny, and when I saw him out of the water yesterday, he was hopping on one foot. His right foot looks like it was bitten by a turtle or something. (Warning: Don't read the next sentence if you are eating right now.) The foot is all mangled and there are bloody bits hanging from it. (Hey, I warned you!)
I normally don't scrutinize the geese at work, but I've been looking for the last remaining baby from the geese on our roof. No luck. Can't find him anywhere. Anyway, I called our office manager when I saw the hurt goose, and she called a local wildlife sanctuary/rehab place, and they said that if I could catch the goose, they would pick it up and care for it.

No problem! With my sister's help, I developed a plan of action for catching the goose, and assembled the necessary supplies:

Yes, coffee is a necessary supply. The only thing missing in this picture is the goose. He is nowhere to be found. I took several drives around the grounds today, saw him in the water one time, but my net wouldn't reach him. I really need to get him on land so I can catch him. Until I find him, I'll be wandering around the grounds several times a day, calling "Heeeere, Goosey, Goosey!" No, I don't feel like an idiot, why do you ask? OK, I do feel like an idiot, but that's not going to stop me from trying to find that damn goose.


Donna Lee said...

We do what we have to do. And you have to find that goose. Even if it means running around yelling "here, goosey goosey" (an image I am chuckling at right now)

Channon said...

From Brit Knitter to Goose Rescuer! You (and your sister) have such a great heart!

Tsuki said...

I hear swans really like white bread, maybe geese do too?

I'm surprised that the rescue people wont come out though...

Sue said...

Some geese will get pretty close to get food. Let's hope he's one of them. Good luck on your wild goose chase.