Monday, September 28, 2009

Fungus Among Us!

My sister and I have been riding our bikes at Parvin State Park several times a week. They have lots of trails, and one in particular is super for bicycles. I've been noticing an increasing number and variety of mushrooms, so over the weekend I took my camera along on the bike ride.

There were lots of plain old brown mushrooms:

Mushrooms with "knobby knees":

This one was an ice-blue color: This one was a creamy-buttery yellow:

This one was a bright sunny yellow to orange center:
This one looked like a red-skin potato:
This one looked too red to be real, but it was!Here is a scattering of some teeny tiny orange mushrooms:
This one had the feel of one of those latex Halloween masks:
This one stump looks like a rock-climbing wall for fairy creatures:
This one was so high I couldn't get a good picture of how orange it really is:
This one looks like a rose growing out of the top of this tree stump:
I know this next picture doesn't really belong, but something about this broken down tree makes me smile. Doesn't it look like a mailbox post? I call it Tree Mail!


Sue said...

We used to love to walk in the park and spot different types of mushrooms. We had a lot that looked like brains.

Channon said...

I have so many of those in my yard! I never thought to take photos of them...

Love that buttery yellow one.

Nichole said...

Now that is a LOT of different mushrooms!