Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Mom Update

Just a quickie - Mom is still in the hospital, but is hoping to, or should I say planning on coming home tomorrow. The UTI turned out to be resistant to the original antibiotic, so she was given another one today, and an MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. After that, she will be heading home. It's a good thing Miss Bessie has been keeping her mommy's chair warm.


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Oh Dianne, I'm so sorry your mom is still not well. So exhausting. Miss Bessie is super darn cute. Gracie sends kisses.

Nichole said...

Sending lots of good vibes!

Channon said...

I do hope you've shared THAT photo with your mom. That would have to make her smile! (Or just more eager to get home to that cutie?)