Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dogs on Thursday and a Contest!

Here in BritKnitter-ville, we are getting ready for some big celebrations! First up is Mother's Day. It's a well-known fact that I have the best mom in the world, and I'm looking forward to celebrating her special day.
In addition to Mother's Day, it's also a big time for birthdays around here. My sweet Emma will be 7 years old on May 12.

Coincidentally, my much-loved and much-missed Mellie's birthday was also May 12.How about my much-loved and much-missed Katie and Scarlett? Were their birthdays May 12? Nope. May 13th! How about that?
Just look at that picture - as puppies they had such giant heads on their little bitty bodies. That picture was taken in 1991. Where does the time go?

I can't leave sweet Tara out of the celebrations, but since Tara she was picked us as a stray in Arkansas in January of 2005, we have no idea when her official birthday is. What to do? Assign her a birthday, that's what! So now, her official un-official birthday is May 12, and she will be 4 years old (plus or minus a couple of months).
Emma and Tara say "Happy Dogs on Thursday" to everyone, and please have a piece of cake on Monday for them.

Oh, I almost forgot, (Not so) Cynical Knitting Gal is having a contest! Go on over there and enter, and tell her I sent you. Treat yourself to a couple of minutes browsing around her blog and meeting her houseful of furbabies. Her golden retriever Gracie is so special, she even has her own blog. Gracie is in ongoing need of prayers, get well vibes and whatever healing thoughts you might want to send her way. Kisses to sweet, sweet Gracie from Emma and Tara!


Nichole said...

Happy Birthday to all!!!!

With our rescues, we let the vet tell us how old she guessed they were and then we picked dates based on that - which made Lola my 4th of July baby and Tut got Oct 25... Sophie already had a picked out date... and Zeus was the only one we knew for sure, right down to the time!

chanknits said...

Happy days to all!

silfert said...

I am going to make six blueberry cheescake muffins on Monday. One for each of the girls (those here and those missed) and one to toast their mama!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

I love May birthdays. Hooray for May!!! Thanks for the shout out about the caption contest, and the thoughts for Miss Gracie, who loves them very much.

Donna Lee said...

We have that kind of convergence in November. Lots of both fur and not furred birthdays. Happy Birthday to all the beautiful babies! I missed MDS&W, too. Maybe next year?

Criquette said...

I most certainly will have to have 2 cupcakes to celebrate the Brit girls' bdays! They are so cute!