Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Girls!

The birthday girls were up bright and early on their birthday morning. Why are they staring at me like that?

French Toast!We love french toast!
It's not an everyday thing to have such a nice breakfast here in Brit Knitter-ville. I'm lucky if I have the time to grab a bowl of cereal. Today, my sister made a special breakfast for all of the birthday girls. Yes, I had some... it's my birthday, too!

I normally don't like much of a fuss. I mean, after a certain age, it seems kind of silly. I wouldn't have said anything here, but I just got back from dinner at mom and dad's house, and I had to show you what dad did for me:

It's a table for my craft nook! He put wheels on it, so I can move it all around. Isn't he the best?

Here is a "before" shot of my impossibly messy craft nook with a wobbly card table that only has two good legs and it is constantly collapsing and spilling everything on the floor:
And this is the "after" shot.
Still messy? Yes. But look at that great table! I'm a lucky girl!


Stephanie said...

I want french toast too!!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Happy Birthday Everyone!!! What a gorgeous table...GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday! Makes me want to go home and make french toast. If the Knight hadn't just left on a job, I'd have sent him up the road for some!

What a lovely table. I love that I see a wheel peeking around behind it... ;)

Nichole said...

Happy Birthday girls! mmmm... french toast... yum-o!
I LOVE the table -great idea... I need a place I can leave my swift set up all the time too.

Jennifer Lori said...

Happy birthday girls!


Firefly Nights said...

That's a great craft table. Exactly like what I'm going to look for when we change two rooms around later this year.

Criquette said...

I hope you have a wonderful year - happy belated birthday!