Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Missing: One Chicken

Name: Ducky
Also answers to: Duckster, Duckduckduck, Ducky-Doo

Age: Almost 11 years old

Height: About a foot

Weight: 8 pounds (estimated)

Last seen: Monday morning

Suspected fowl (and foul) play by this rooster:


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh... Is Ducky not leaving her nest already?

Stephanie said...

Oh no! I hope she's not really missing!

Tsuki said...

Eep! I hope Ducky is okay!

(great name for a chicken, by the way!)

Nichole said...

OMG, its not normal for one to wander off and leave all those eggs behind, is it?

Criquette said...

NONONO! Not Ducky, my most favorite chicken ever! Ducky come home!