Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dogs (with Milk Beards) on Thursday

Twice a week, I go to work a half hour early and take an extra long lunch so I can run home and let the dogs out. Don't worry - they're not crossing their legs the other three days - a Dog Nanny comes to the house to let them out. Anyway, today was my day to run home. I race home, let the babes out, grab something quick for lunch, let them out again, and then race back to work. Whew. In the winter I'll heat up a can of soup in the microwave, but now that it's getting warmer, a bowl of cereal does the trick. I'm not the only one who likes cereal for lunch:

That's what I see the whole time I am trying to enjoy my lunch. Emma and Tara are using mental telepathy to get me to put that bowl on the floor...put that bowl on the floor...put that bowl on the floor.
It works every time. I always get out another bowl so they don't have to share. My reward?
Look closely - Emma has a milk beard! It's probably one of those things that only I think is funny, but it really cracks me up!

After racing back to work, look what greeted me as I was walking to the back door of the museum:
Baby goosies! Here's a better picture.

Such little cutie pies! I wasn't really that close - I took these pictures with the zoom lens, but the mama and papa were hissing at me, so I left them alone. It seems early for goslings, especially when you look at the size of them - these guys have got to be at least a week old. Happy Spring!


Stephanie said...

Too bad humans can't figure out how to do that dog telepathy. My Clemmie and Luca do it too. And the milk beard is adorable!!

Pooch said...

Cute-cute doggies!! Isn't it amazing how well-fed dogs can look so longingly at food?


Channon said...

Too cute! I love the little canine milk beard.

Firefly Nights said...

My OH comes home for lunch and he often has cereal, also. Our boys line up like attentive students. Creal of choice lately has been frosted mini-wheats. They always get a few fed to them like biscuits.

Nichole said...

Cute! Our dogs beg for the cereal bowls when we're done too... and Lola always gets the perfect milk beard!

dogquilter said...

Love the mental telepathy, isn't it funny how we know just what they are thinking sometimes? Milk beard is cute too.

Sonya said...

They are very cute wearing milk beards.
The message I get all the time is "go in the car, go in the car"

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

LOL! Gracie does the go in the car go in the car go in the car give me a treat give me a treat give me a treat...gotta love them!

The milk beard is so funny.

Soxnitter said...

The dogs are so cute. Love the milk beard.