Thursday, December 7, 2006

Work in progress....

I've decided to post my knitting projects that are in various stages of completion. Perhaps this will spur me on to finish one or two before casting on yet another sock. Socks are addictive, though. I just can't help myself.

me: "My name is Dianne and I'm a sock-aholic."

you: "Hi Dianne."

me: "It has been three days since I last cast on a sock."

Well, you get the picture. Speaking of pictures.....

This is a favorite pattern to work - an oldie but a goodie. It is called "Lattice and Cable" I think, and I got it from a Patons booklet about 6 years ago. The yarn is Kroy.

This is the sock that I just cast on a few days ago - and I think it is my new favorite pattern. It is called Jaywalker and I got it from Grumperina's site. The yarn is Opal. I love the colors - just perfect for a very dear friend of mine for Christmas. Gotta get busy on them, though!

This is a fun sock to work, too. It is all entrelac. The only bad part is the heel - I just cannot get the hang of doing these replaceable heels and having them look right. Grrrr. I forget what this yarn is.

This is a fun one, too, and my first attempt at color stranding. I have to pay attention to what I'm doing, so I don't work on these all that often. I usually prefer a "mindless" pattern.

This is a GREAT use for leftover sock yarn. I first read about it at, which linked to Shelly Kang's blog Shelly has a great blog, and a very informative tutorial on how to get started on one of these mitred square blankets.

And last but not least, this arrived today - yarn for a baby sweater, hat and blanket. This is for a dear, dear friend to give to her daughter who is having a baby. A baby girl, of course.

That's it for now. I'm going to try and convince myself to cast on for a gauge swatch for the baby blanket, but right now the Jaywalker socks are calling to me...

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noricum said...

Cool blanket! (From another sock blanket knitter. ;) )