Sunday, February 5, 2012

All about the dogs

It has been brought to my attention that the dogs didn't get a single mention in the last blog post. Of course, it was the dogs who made me aware of this major oversight. Actually, it was just Emma, but she said that since she is the alpha dog, hers in the only opinion that really counts.

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So anyway, all three of the hooligans are doing fine. Emma continues to dominate everyone, including me, while Cooper continues to be the clueless boy that he is, and Tara continues to be the sweetest little thing in the world. Seriously, I have never had such a calm, quiet, easygoing dog as Tara. Just between the hours of 6am and 10pm, though. She is up at least two times every night, around midnight and then again around 3am. I've tried to ignore her and pretend I'm sleeping, but she knows better. She will stand over me and do one sharp, chirping bark every 10-15 seconds until I give up and take her outside. Her bark is just like the smoke detector when the battery is running low-- very hard to ignore. Having Tara is kind of like having a newborn baby, not that I have personal experience with that. Also, a newborn eventually sleeps through the night. Tara arrived on the Brittany Transport on St. Patrick's Day in 2005, so it's been almost seven years since I have slept through the night. Oh, well. A good night's sleep is highly over-rated.

Speaking of the Brittany Transport, I had this past Saturday off from Glitter World, and was able to finally participate in a Transport! This cute little guy's name is Jed.


He is four years old, and has been living with a foster family in Rhode Island. On Saturday, with the help of seven drivers, Jed made his way from Rhode Island to his forever home in Virginia. He is such a sweet boy. It only took a couple of miles on the NJ Turnpike for me to fall head over heels in love with him.

If he was going to a foster home instead of a forever home, I think Jed would be my fourth dog right now! He is in an excellent new home with a loving daddy, though. While we will never know what Jed's first few years of like were like, I am certain that his remaining years on this earth will be happy, and he will be a much loved, much spoiled little boy.


SissySees said...

Welcome to VA, Jed! Gretchen only sleeps through the night when we walk at least 3 miles in a given day. Anything less - and sometimes even if there's more - and I'm just not going to sleep all night through.

She doesn't bark though; she just stares me awake, and will then give sweet but impatient kisses to hurry me out of lala land.

Donna Lee said...

I don't know if I have the patience to get up every night to take a dog outside (even one as sweet as yours). I don't even get up for ME to pee at night anymore.

The Transport is such a wonderful way to give back the joy and love you get from your babies. How fulfilling to help a dog find a good home.

Sue said...

To bad we don't live closer. Samba doesn't sleep thru the night either. After curing her kidney infection I was sure we'd start getting a good night's sleep, but apparently she's become fond of star gazing, so we're up a couple times during the night to check for any new stars.

Seems like for the past thirty years I've had either young pups or old dogs that couldn't make it thru the night. Im used to it. Sometimes I think about checking into a hotel for a full night's sleep. Oh well, I'd probably not sleep because it was a strange mattress.

Nichole said...

So glad to hear everyone is doing well! Yay, for another successful transport and forever home!

Anonymous said...


I'm Patty and I handed Jed off to you in NJ. He sure was a sweetie. Transporting is kinda fun, isn't it? I've been doing it for about 2 years and it's addictive, too!

Jennifer said...

Oh my that Jed is cute! No wonder you wanted to keep him!