Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Dogs on Thursday

No, not this type of hot dog...

...or even this type.
Does anyone else find that image disturbing? It's not as bad as some of the things I found when I typed "hot dog" in the search box for Google Images. Geesh!

Anyhoo... we are in the midst of record-breaking heat, which makes for some very hot dogs! Luckily the dogs are in air conditioning, but they still have to go outside for certain, "business", shall we say. They certainly don't linger outdoors, that's for sure. As soon as they come in, they spread out on the cool tile floor and enjoy the breeze from the ceiling fan. Here is Tara getting every square inch of her belly on the cool tiles.

Cooper likes the tile, too. He learned that spread-eagle position from Tara. It maximizes the cooling effect.
Emma likes to lay on her back and let the breeze from the ceiling fan cool her belly. She refused to let me take a picture of her this morning, so I'll leave you with a picture taken a few weeks ago.

Emma says, "I am being mistreated! Stupid BATH! This is cruel and unusual punishment! Send help!"


Sue said...

My dogs all like the cool tile, too. Some of them sleep on top of the air vents. That cools them, but makes the rest of us warmer.

Channon said...

That second picture was VERY disturbing. I hope Chance doesn't see it... (My aunt's new doxie)

Poor Emma. She wanted some dignity and THAT is how you reward her?! (giggle)

Wyatt said...

We have discovered a little pile of wet sand, out in the shade. We like to lay out there, to beat the heat. Almost like a beach trip!


little princess Luna~ said...

i agree--i HATE baths~!!!! but mummy says that if i wanna be a princess i have to get them.... :/
i hope you stay cool~!!


Donna Lee said...

Emma's eyes say it all in that photo! My daughter's dog has mastered the art of plastering himself on the tile floor, too. It's a small apartment and he takes up a lot of floor space.

Jennifer said...

Ok, I'll admit- the second photo made me giggle for a second, in the "awww cute" kinda way. But those two bellies squished on the tiles- now THAT'S adorable! Talk about maximizing the coolness of the floor onto every square inch of tummy!

silfert said...

That's an "I wish I had thumbs right now" look if I ever saw one!

Nichole said...

OMG, the look on Emma's face is priceless... love that shot!

It's been unbearable here too - ick!