Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dogs on Thursday, Thunder Edition

Cooper got a package in the mail today, just in time for Dogs on Thursday! What is it? A Thundershirt. It's a doggie coat-type shirt that is supposed to help relieve anxiety for dogs afraid on thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. That's Cooper, alright. I've never had a dog who is so very afraid of thunder. I read about the Thundershirt on Facebook last week, and since they offer money-back guarantee, I figured what have we got to lose, right?

As soon as I got home from work, I put Cooper in his new Thundershirt, and then had him read the instructions.
Lookie here, Cooper--it says that "...Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited."

Cooper says, "If you say so, but I'm not convinced."

Well, I'm not convinced either, but I'm willing to give it a try. Only time will tell. Time, and a thunderstorm, that is! This is a perfect time to sing along with one of my favorite Jo Dee Messina songs. Happy Dogs on Thursday!


Sue said...

I know two people who have tried the Thundershirt on their dogs and both reported good results. I'm interested in your opinion because we had a thunder storm last night and I slept with Morgan's head on my shoulder all night and she kicks in her sleep.

Donna Lee said...

It sounds like a good idea. Just like bundling up a newborn. It's a fabric hug. I'd be interested in hearing how it goes.

Nichole said...

Oh that last pic is adorable! PLEASE let me know how it works (or if it works)... if it truly does, I'm going to have to see if they have a Zeus size one!

Channon said...

Would it work for Gretchen Greer in the car too?

We've had so much thunder lately. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

I read this post and remembered reading this "Does it work" column about something similar. I don't know if it will help you or any of the others in thunder areas, but I figured I'd send you the link anyways.